Here are the artists, books, and ideas I am working with....



  • George Segal – cast sculptures
  • Nick Cave both Until at Mass MoCa and Soundsuits
  • Cai Guo-Qiang – in particular work with the environment ~ The Nineth Wave
  •  Cristos – environmental connections- oil barrels
  • Ana Medieta –Feminist / Nature
  • Jane Marshing
  • Andrew Yang
  • Marc Dion PBS- connection to nature

Land Artists

  • Maya Ying Lin
  • Andy Goldsworthy
  • Robert Smithson

Specific Work

  • Sigalit Landau (MFA Alum)
  • Hope Ginsburg, at Mass MoCA film “Land Dive Team: Bay of Fundy 2016
  • Urs Fischer- Standing Julian at the Whitney
  • Chuck Close – Lyle at the Whitney
  •  Nijideka Akunyili Crosby- Portals at the Whitney
  • Jean-Michel Basquiat- Glen at MoCa
  • Reena Saini Kallat- Woven Chronicle at MoCA
  • Maurizio Cattelan – America


2 Research...


2 work W/....

Book sHelf


  • Drawing from the Right Side of Your Brian - Betty Edwards
  • Primacy of Drawing - Deanna Petherbridge
  • The Drawing Book -Tania Kovats
  • Drawing: Mastering the Language of Visual Expression - Keith Micklewright



  • Art in Odd Places
  • Land Art
  • Social Practice
  • Relational Ascetics
  • Nature as a construct: ideological point of view... "nature is a spiritual place"... who/what is served by this idea?
  • Warhol and Pollock - connection to present
  • Role of Diagrams in Conceptual Art and their ability to represent information